Family Stories

How much do you know about your family’s history? No, not where they came from but the stories that made up their lives? I find that every time I visit with my mom she shares a story that I never heard (or maybe didn’t listen to) before. I cherish those stories of my grandparents, mom and uncle and it’s fun to find out more about who they were.

During our Thanksgiving meal this past year we got to talking about jingles. You know, the little songs that play to sell products and how few of them there are today. Mom told me that my grandma used to enter jingle contests on the radio all the time, and win! She won food, clothing and bikes for both of her kids. She wrote jingles for stores and even a bank. That is so cool! It’s hard for me to imaging my grandma writing jingles.

This past weekend during a family lunch mom told me about how her brother and his friends built a race car and raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Mom always wanted to go with him to the races but he told my grandma that mom couldn’t go because “nice” girls didn’t go to races. Made my mom so mad! She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go even though she was nice.

It’s the little things in life that make up our stories and it’s learning about your family that make you closer. I love learning about everyone and how they spent their time doing what they loved. What stories do you have about your family?

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