Fun Finds at New Year's Day Auction
Happy New Year! Can you believe that it is 2017? I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of the things I got done in 2016, the things I wished I had done and what I am going to do this year. Number one on my list has to be to put more of the items I have accumulated up for sale so that someone else can enjoy them as much as we have. I’m an auction addict and tend to buy items that I love rather than looking at their value for resale. It's fun to be able to rotate in and out my decor with vintage and antique items.

Last night there was a live local online auction and even though I really don’t “need” to buy anything, I just couldn’t help myself! My husband and I sat on the couch and I would ask him “would you like this sign”? (He collects vintage signs.) Then I would ask how much would you pay for it? He’d give me a number and I’d bid, then wait to see if we won. Some we lost but several we won, I think. We won’t know for sure until I get the email from the auction staff sometime today. We had fun doing this.

Nuns on the Run Movie BannerOne of the items I bought for him (shh, he doesn’t know) is a 3’ x 5’ movie banner for a movie I’ve never heard of called “Nuns on the Run”. The image made me laugh and I know he’ll like it too. Nobody else had bid on it so I figured how could I lose for $10. Have you seen this film? I watched the movie trailer this morning on YouTube and it seems like a pretty silly comedy.

Yellow Cab Service Call PhoneOne of the other items I bid on and may have won was this Yellow Cabs public telephone. I thought it was so interesting so I decided to bid on it. You reach under the yellow box and there is a telephone handset in there. I guess you just picked it up and it rang directly to the cab company. Neat, huh?

Now I just have to wait for my email from the auction company to see what else I may be bringing home. Then I’ll have to go pick everything up and see if I can get the banner hung in my husband’s shop before he gets home. Won’t he be surprised!

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