Three Fun Tips from Grandma

Grandma always did things that, at the time, I thought were a bit odd. She had seen a lot during her lifetime and she was very resourceful and seldom wasted anything. I miss her to pieces and am grateful that I was able to learn so much from her.

PenniesOne thing that amused me as a child but is a fantastic idea that I use to this day is to put three pennies in her outdoor bird baths. The coins will keep algae from growing. The pennies need to be pre-1982 since it is the 95% copper in the pennies that keep the algae at bay. I’ve tried this and it works pretty good!


Banana PeelsBefore every family get-together, Grandma would polish the silver trays she had to get rid of the tarnish. You won’t believe what she used. Banana peels! She would chop up the banana peels and put them in a bowl and mix them with some water to makes a thick paste. Then she would use a cloth to spread some of the banana peel mixture on the tray. It took off the light tarnish, was non-toxic and use an item that would have been thrown away.


Bars of SoapThe last tip I’ll share with you is about soap. Grandma always seemed to have a stockpile of bars of soap in her laundry room. After she bought them, she would unwrap them and put them on a shelf. She said that soap needs to be dried out for several months for the bars to last longer. I’ve talked to some of my friends and a few of them remember their grandmothers doing the same thing. I’ve never tried this but I guess it makes some sense.


Did your mom or grandmother have any things that they did that seemed out of place but make a lot of sense now?

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