In the late 1980s, a northern Nevada businesswoman discovered her passion for finding treasures at auctions and began selling her newfound treasures to eager buyers.  As computers became more mainstream and sites like eBay formed, she found an audience who loved to purchase the items she hand picked for them with some of the items ending up in museums and personal collections.

With more and more listings crowding the website she had built a following on it only made sense to open her own website where she could showcase her unique finds in a way that would make the buyers feel at home.  In March of 2014 she created!

Who is Alfie you ask?  She was the precious Shar-pei who was the faithful companion of the owner and her husband for more than 10 years.  Every person who came to visit their home found that even a fifty pound dog was a lap dog.  Alfie was a regular visitor to local live auctions where she was welcomed because of her sweet disposition and charming personality.

Alfie's Treasures prides itself on high-quality, original items that are a great value. Our selection is always changing, and, like favorite mementos from your life, each item has a story worth sharing.  We bring memories of the past together with unique items from today to create memories to share in the future.

You’ll find something for everyone, from children to grandparents. And when you need dining and entertaining essentials, we’re your one-stop shop - whether you’re replacing broken dinnerware or adding a placesetting for a new family member.